What is Endermologie®

How is endermologie® different from liposuction?

Endermologie® is the only 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that targets cells’ processes. Liposuction is generally used in an attempt to change the body’s shape but doesn’t reduce the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie® stimulates the skin and fatty tissue to soften them. At the same time, this stimulation helps to target fat and to activate blood and lymphatic circulation. Simultaneously, the mechanical action of the treatment head targets fat and tones skin to give it back its tonicity and a dimple-free look.

Creating change through endermologie®

LPG® endermologie® is an FDA cleared, patented, and proprietary technique of cellular stimulation through reproducible mechanical massage. It is 100% natural and effective, and targets the connective tissues of the body and face, including skin, muscle, blood and lymphatic circulation.

This mechanical massage technique provides a deep tissue mobilization within the Cellu M6® treatment head, with beauty, wellness, rehabilitation, sports and aesthetic medicine applications. LPG® techniques are non-aggressive and non-invasive, with no downtime and no known side effects.

Using LPG® patented treatment heads, our devices are equipped with Independent Motorized Roller (I.M.R.) patented technology for the body, and Motorized Pulsating

Flap (M.P.F.) patented technology for the face, along with an aspiration system that embraces a skinfold to gently stimulate the tissues of the body and the face.

LPG® is the pioneer of advanced and patented technologies for the human body. Endermologie® was the first technology worldwide to gain FDA clearance for the
treatment of Cellulite. For over 30 years, LPG® has been developing non-invasive technologies for both natural beauty as well as advanced therapeutic treatments. The benefits of LPG® techniques have also been proven by over 145 reputable scientific studies.

FDA cleared

LPG® devices have been cleared by the FDA since 1998 and comply with all international quality standards.

Mechanical massage by Endermologie®

Mechanical massage by Endermologie® is the latest generation of Endermologie® treatments dedicated to localized fat, cellulite and contours. With major technological and protocols innovations, Lipomassage cellulite treatment is able to produce faster and more targeted results.
Endermologie® machines use rollers and suction to massage the skin and its underlying layers. Endermologie® utilizes mechanical cellular stimulation to trigger the release of fat in the fat cells, smooth cellulite, and stimulate the cells that boost collagen and elastin production to help tone the skin. This full body approach addresses hard to reach subcutaneous and deep genetic fat, as well as improving the surface appearance of the skin. Endermologie® improves blood flow, as well as lymphatic drainage to reduce water retention and help flush the body of waste.
Endermologie® was originally invented in the 1980’s by Louis-Paul Guitay (LPG) of France as a treatment to reshape scar tissue, although many patients observed reduction of body dimensions and improvement in skin texture. Since then, mechanical massage has been used as a treatment for cellulite reduction and skin toning.

Possible benefits of mechanical massage cellulite treatment

Absolut Body Contour Massage
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and circumference of treated areas
  • Improve local blood circulation
  • Increase lymphatic drainage – aids fluid elimination
  • Stimulate fibroblasts (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid synthesis)
  • Improve skin quality, scarring and fibrosis
  • Combat the effect of skin aging (wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, appearance of fat/firmness, elasticity, complexion, puffiness under the eyes)
  • Relieve muscle aches, minor pains and spasms
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases overall relaxation by decreasing stress
  • Encourage you to maintain healthy lifestyle

Mechanical massage enhanced results from 6 sessions

Starting from 6 sessions – cellulite is visibly reduced, the figure is reshaped and skin is beautifully reconditioned.
For women wanting fast, significant results – even on stubborn areas that diet, exercise and invasive procedures don’t treat – pleasurable mechanical massageis the ultimate solution for a whole new body (figure).

Dramatically Enhanced Results – May be experienced after the first session, with a noticeable change in the feel of one’s clothing. With more concentrated, focused treatments, combined with muscle solicitation, fast, visible results can be achieved in fewer sessions than ever before, areas of the body with localized fat can now be slimmed down. Starting from 6 sessions the, figure is reshaped, skin is beautifully reconditioned and cellulite is visibly reduced.

Fewer Sessions, Fast Results – In as few as 8 sessions, the body contour is reshaped, cellulite is visibly reduced and skin is beautifully reconditioned. For female and male clients wanting fast, measurable results on areas resistant to diet, exercise and invasive procedures mechanical massage is the ultimate, affordable solution.

How often should I have treatment?

Twice per week is optimal, with at least one day in-between treatments. In certain cases, three times per week is advisable. Once you’ve reached your plateau, you’ll want to maintain your appearance with one treatment each month or as needed.

Mechanical massage cellulite treatment sessions

Sessions are more vigorous and energic, requiring subject participation. Isolating the muscles with contraction-and-relaxation repetitions, the new protocols isolate fat layers and work them intensively. As the isometric exercises require exertion, the released fat energy starts to be burned immediately. As this happens, surface layers are nourished with reinvigorated fluid exchanges and the skin is revitalized to its youthful radiance.

Our services

The endermologie® mecano-stimulation™  targeted actions addresses every unique objective — whether for beauty, slimming, or anti-aging — anywhere on the body:

Absolut body countour services

Cellulite reduction absolute body contour


With just a few Endermologie® sessions, stubborn fat reserves are broken down, curves are re-sculpted, cellulite is smoothed and loose skin is firmed – naturally.

Absolute body countour services


The gentle, palliative process of Mecano-Stimulation™ provided by the specialized Endermologie® equipment softens the connective tissue that constricts both the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Absolute body countour services


The Endermologie® experience is a non-surgical approach, that embraces the physical and aesthetic needs of the whole body using a patented technique proven safe and effective.

Absolute body countour services


Plastic surgeons and physicians often recommend Endermologie® treatments in conjunction with liposuction surgery. It aid in speeding the resolution of edema, reducing variability of the early contours, and improving localized skin tone.

Absolute body countour services

Sport mechanical

Helps treat a range of sports related injuries and improve recovery time of patients by using Endermologie®. Improves training tolerance, reduces muscle soreness, increases lymphatic flow and reduces swelling.


Real skin fitness, face endermologie® boosts the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances. Visible results after the 1st session. Smooth the look of wrinkles. Work on double chin. Tone the skin. Clarify the complexion.


  • Cancer
  • Infections; skin rashes
  • Diseases / conditions in acute or inflammatory phase
  • Blood thinners
  • Circulatory conditions and blood disorders
  • Long-term corticosteroid treatments
Total contraindications for Body Endermologie®
  • Pregnancy
  • Phlebitis
Total contraindications for Face Endermologie®
  • Herpes
  • Infectious and inflammatory acne
  • Vitiligo

When in doubt, obtain written physician’s consent.

Cancellation policy:

Your appointments are very important to us.   We hold your appointments just for you & ask that if you must cancel or reschedule any appointment, please provide us with 24-hour notice.  This way, our team will be able to adjust their schedules accordingly and we may be able to accommodate clients on our waiting list.  We do, of course, understand that unavoidable issues comes up and will do our best to work with you in case of an emergency, etc.  However, if last minute cancellations or ‘no shows’ become a habit, you will be charged a cancellation fee.  Here is our general breakdown of cancellation fees:

•    Less than 24-hour notice will result in a charge equal to 60% of reserved appointment(s)
•    ‘NO SHOWS’ will be charged 100% of service amount.

Please remember that your appointments are reserved for you & only you.  These policies allow us the opportunity to alert our standby clients of any openings, therefore allowing us to provide the best service possible.  We are very much appreciate your business and compliance with our policies.