Men's and Women's Haircuts in Parker Co

Colourbar Salon & Spa offers premium haircut service for men’s and women’s in Parker Colorado.

Why Choose Colourbar Haircut Salon Service in Parker, CO?

Just like your clothing, the hairstyles also play a crucial role for an individual’s look, and nowadays, people have plenty of options to choose from and play around with the look.

If you are looking for the men’s or women’s haircuts in Parker, co then Colourbar Salon and Spa experts are there for you. Meet the top certified hairstylists in the Salon and choose accordingly. 

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Women’s Haircut Parker Co with Classic Hairstyle:

In contrast, upon asking the haircut service Parker Co, they reveal that men and women both prefer having a subtle look rather than a fanciful look, and that’s why they like choosing from the classic and evergreen hairstyles some of them are mentioned below. 

Pixie cut womens haircut parker colorado

Pixie Cut 

The pixie cut is one of the few cuts catering to the shorter hairs, and it suits best on oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. 

The name pixie cut is featured for shorter strands. 

However, if you’re afraid of going for extra short hair length, you can choose the Pixie haircut Parker co, which gives a more feminine look. 

Blunt Haircut 

As the name suggests, the blunt cut is the style with no layers. It is best featured on the women having natural straight hairs & excellent hairs, and again it caters to all hair lengths.

In addition, the blunt cut creates the fake visualization of having thicker hairs, and medium & extended blunt cut allows for styling the hair in a pony, buns, or messy looks.

Also, a blunt haircuts in Parker co is for the lazy person who wishes to improve their hair’s overall health without putting effort.

Blunt haircut women haircut salon parker colorado
bob cut parker

Bob Cut 

The bob cut is universal for the oval face shapes and has been highly popular in demand since its existence.

Over the years, there have been multiple versions of the bob, and angled bob is one of the widely preferred hairstyles who prefers to have an ear-length hair with a side parting.

Plus, you can experiment with multiple styles with Bob cut such as bangs, blunt, curls, layers, angles & more. In addition, bob cut is one of the high-maintenance styles and demands trimming every 4-6 weeks.


Bangs in nature are highly versatile. They don’t require a full haircut and cater to all face shapes but are highly recommended to people with longer faces, especially for the receding frontline.

Pro tip: Only a women’s haircut professional in Parker Co knows the difference between bangs & fringes. Also, in salons where you regularly visit, the hairdresser will complementarily make the bangs along with other treatments.

Bangs haircut girls

Men’s Haircut Parker Co Popular Hairstyles:

French crop haircut parker co

French Crop 

The French crop is one of the classic hairstyles that suit all shapes & sizes. It’s the ideal hairstyle for men who are always out there playing sports, indulging in swimming, and caring least about hair. 

Plus, the theory behind the French crop is less of grooming and more of keeping it natural with slight trimming. 


The buzz cut is somewhat similar to the army hairstyle as hairs are shorter in length & also one of the most popular hairstyles, especially in tropical countries, because it keeps the head cool.

Although buzz cut caters to all the face shapes due to its versatility, the look is more enhanced on men with a proportionate head but not a square jaw.

buzz cut men parker co
side partition haircut men

Side Parting 

The side parting is one of the ancient hairstyles of men, hailing from the 1920’s yet going strong.

However, the Parker Co men’s haircut experts say that most men ask for side parting but modifications to achieve the trendy look.

The cons of side parting are that hairs are shorter, easier to manage & give a tidy look. Plus, plenty of styling products is available in the market that caters to the side parting hairstyle and is thus easier to care for. 

Shoulder Cut For Men

Men in general with longer hair appeals sexier, and that’s why the shoulder cut length style has been featured in fashion magazines for years.

The shoulder cut style is highly versatile as you can achieve plenty of looks by trimming the bottoms, but the most challenging part is growing the hairs.

The catch of shoulder cut style is limiting grooming products and leaving it all-natural.

Shoulder cut mens haircut salon parker co
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