ola - director

My name is Ola

I am the creator and founder of Colourbar salon and spa. I had the privilege to train with world known stylists such as Nick Arrojo and Louis Alvares, and expanded my work to runaway shows.

Born and raised in Belarus, since I was a child I was obsessed with hair. After my college degree from the university of foreign languages, I moved to the USA in 1999 and decided to follow my dream, it was the best decision I have ever made. I truly love what I do, and my passion shows through my work.

Traveling the world is a big part of who I am and truly an inspiring experience, it helps me to create and achieve individual style for each of my clients.

My journey couldn’t be colourful without my husband Sam and my two beautiful children Karem and Neveen and I want to share it colourfulness with you!