Hair Color Experts in Lone Tree, CO

Colourbar Salon & Spa offers premium hair color service to men, women, children and teenagers.

Why Choose Colourbar Hair Color Service in Lone Tree?

Colourbar is the most popular and trusted hair salon and Spa with certified hair color experts in Lone Tree Co. We provide our premium service to men, women, children and teenagers near Lone Tree, Parker, and Denver Co. People are usually very skeptical regarding hair color. Many people believe that coloring your hair will damage it permanently without any hope of repair. However, this is quite untrue. Modern research and several brands have come up with colors that are not only good for your hair and scalp but are also very nourishing.

hair color experts in lone tree co
women haircut lone tree

Certified Hair Colouring Experts in Colorado

If you want a hair color that will make your hair look shiny and glamorous as well as healthy we have the perfect options for you. We offer a variety of shades of hair color that you can choose from. We only use top-notch products that have good quality. This ensures that your hair remains in good condition without any damage. If you want to nurture your scalp while making it look gorgeous then our salon is the place where you should be. Our customer reviews have made us one of the best hair color experts Lone Tree Colorado. 

Offering Babylights & Balayage Hair Color in Lone Tree – Co

We also provide a full highlight for your hair and babylights hair color in Lone Tree CO. Fashion colors, corrective colors and Balayage hair color are some other options that you can opt for. The price for all these services differ and this difference is due to the different options provided by us. You can opt for a stylist, the top stylist, the director for the artistic director to work on your hair. The cost differs based on whom you choose to work on your hair. 


The prices are often different for every client. This is because the cost depends on the length of the hair, the type of hair color chosen and the style of hair color. We offer different options for coloring your hair. Some of our most common and popular hair coloring services include root touch up which mainly focuses on coloring the roots of your hair to hide the grey portion. Another service provided by us is partial highlight where we use hair color to partially highlight some areas of your hair to give it a different texture and to transform your look. 

Balayage hair color is trending at the moment. This style can be seen in models,  Instagramers and influences. This common and popular hair coloring technique has become a favorite among women. There are different color options available and some of the most common colours that are right now very popular are Ash grey and copper-red.

A lot of expertise is required for the services like balayage hair color Lone Tree Co, because the hair dyes applied should look natural as if it is a part of the hair itself any hint of artificial hair coloring looks extremely fake and can completely ruin a look. Therefore if you want to get yourself a genuine Balayage hair color look then visit our salon and we will give you the best services. Our quality remains unmatched by any other hair salon as we use top-notch technologies and very experienced stylists for your haircut and coloring. 

The time taken to color your hair really depends on several things. If you do not have an appointment or book a slot online most likely some time will be wasted while waiting. To get yourself the best service at our hair salons for color in Lone Tree CO, it is advisable to book an appointment with us online through our website. You can head over to our official website and find the section taxes book online. Select the option and you will be redirected to a page that will ask you a couple of things like the date you wish to book your appointment and the service.

Once you have an appointment with us, the process at our salon, hair color experts in Lone Tree Co will be much quicker. Other than this you will have to wait your turn if the top stylist, the director or the artistic director is not available and you want to get your hair done by them. The length of your hair also plays a major role as well as what kind of hair coloring you have opted for.

We do offer hair extensions consultation. You can also contact us for a hair extensions consultation and we will give you a clear idea about what you should and should not do. There are several things that you should keep in mind while getting an extension like the most important is the quality of the hair that is used in the extension.

There are different qualities and these various types vary in their prices. To find out what will work best for you can come to us for hair extension consultation. We will tell you the different types of techniques that are used for hair extension and which will suit your hair type and what you should avoid. The next step is understanding what shade or length of hair you should opt for. These things can be isn’t discussed with our consultants once you visit us. We will be glad to assist you in your hair extension journey.

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