Women's Haircut Salon in Lone Tree, CO

Colourbar Salon & Spa offers premium haircut service to women, divas and teenager girls.

Women's Haircut Service in Lone Tree, CO

Colourbar Salon & Spa offer premium haircut salon service for women, divas, children and teenage girls in Lone Tree and Parker, Co. Similar to our men’s haircut we also charge different prices for different categories mentioned here. You can have your hair cut by our experienced stylist or the artistic director. 

Along with the best women haircuts in Lone Tree CO you can also get other hair treatments done at the salon like Balayage highlights or the keratin treatment to maintain the natural glow and health of your hair as well as enhance its shine. Along with hair styling, cutting and coloring we also offer the best hair extension consultation. 

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How often should I get my hair cut?

This question has no definitive answer. This is because the frequency of getting hair cuts varies from one person to the other. Some men prefer getting their haircut once every month however some ladies prefer chopping their hair once a year or twice a year. This is more of a personal choice.

For example, if you are a lady who wants to grow her hair, it is quite obvious that you will not frequently visit the hair cutting salons. However, it is ideal for women to get at least their haircut once every season which translates to four hair cuts in a year. If you want to keep your hair in shape and always want to flaunt it then it is best to get your hair in shape every six weeks. 


No, a hair wash service is not mandatory with a haircut at every hair salon, but it is usually offered as an additional service for convenience and to ensure clean and manageable hair for the haircut.

A variety of hairstyles, such as layered cuts, bobs, pixie cuts, bangs, updos, and more are available at women’s haircut services at Lone Tree, Colorado. 

The length of your hair and the complexity of the style will determine how long it will take to acquire a women’s haircut. It might often take anything from 30 minutes to an hour.  

A women’s haircut is advised every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain healthy hair and keep your hairstyle appearing current. 

It is definitely advised to bring in a photo of the hairdo you wish to try. It will make it easier for the stylist to understand exactly what you want and give you the best service possible.

Seek out a stylist who has experience with both the particular haircut you wish to attempt and your hair type. Additionally, you can read reviews and consult with friends and family for referrals.

Before your appointment, make sure your hair is tidy and dry. Bringing photographs of the Women’s haircut you wish to try is also a good idea so you may discuss any particular concerns or preferences with your hairdresser.

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