Men's Haircut Service in Lone Tree, CO

Colourbar Salon & Spa offers premium haircut service to men, children and teenagers.

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Why Choose Colourbar Haircut Salon in Lone Tree for Men?

Colourbar Salon & Spa offer premium haircut salon service for men, women, children and teenagers in Lone Tree and Parker, Co. We charge different rates for each of the four categories mentioned above. You can have your hair cut by a stylist, our top stylists, the director or the artistic director. The prices for each of these categories are also different.

For women, our lowest rate is $45 and for men, it ranges from $25 to $35. For children under the age of 12 the charge is around $30 and for teenagers that is those who are between 13 and 16 years of age we charge $40. you can choose your hairstyle from several styles available on our saloon catalogs. We can deliver precise haircuts that will suit your face and overall appearance. if you are ever in a dilemma regarding what haircut you should get we can also give you some good suggestions and for even better results you can ask for our director artistic director to cut your hair. Our team is not only well equipped for women haircuts but we also offer the best mens haircuts in Lone Tree CO.


What makes Your salon the best?

Our team is constituted of several hardworking and experienced stylists and artists. We have accumulated people with top-notch qualities who are always ready to help and assist customers. Our employees are not only extremely talented but are also dedicated to their job. Therefore we believe in offering the best services for our customers and no matter what the situation is we never compromise on the quality. We also use state of the art gadgets and equipment.

This makes our salon the best in Lone Tree Colorado. If you are confused regarding what kind of haircut you should get or what style you should choose we can assist you with all that. We can also provide consultation and suggestions for different hair coloring options that will suit you and your appearance. Contact us for any further queries or details. You can also book an appointment with us online. 

What type of haircut will suit my face?

You will be surprised to know how a single haircut can completely transform your whole appearance. It is true that not every style goes with every face shape and therefore it takes an expert to figure out what kind of hairstyle will suit your face and its shape. If you are confused regarding what haircut you would like to get then feel free to contact or visit us and we will give you some idea regarding what haircut you should select. We are one of the best hair cut salons in Lone Tree CO, and you can also meet our artistic director, director or our top stylists for some suggestions. We will be more than happy to assist you regarding any problem with your hairstyle. We understand that the haircut that you choose makes quite an impression on your overall appearance and how you are perceived by others, therefore, keeping your best interest in our hearts we always deliver the best style suited for your face. 

Do you also offer hair coloring service?

Along with offering several mens and womens haircuts in Lone Tree CO, our salon also offers hair coloring services.  If you want to get your hair colored along with getting a haircut you can visit us for the same. To understand exactly what kind of services we provide you can visit our official website and go to the page that says services. There you will find that our common hair color services include root touch up partial highlight, full highlight, fashion and corrective colors. We also offer Balayage help hair coloring options which are trending at the moment. If you want to look flawless with subtle hints of other shades in your hair then this is the best option for you as it looks natural yet extremely gorgeous.

Can I receive some assistance regarding my hair issues without visiting you?

We would be extremely happy to help you with any hair related problems that you may be facing. We love it when our customers come forward to contact us and we make sure to give our best in order to help them. You can contact us or get in touch with us without visiting our salon physically. To do so you can take a look at our official website where you will find the contact details as well as the email address. Phone numbers are provided either of which you can dial. You can also write us an email at the email address provided on the page. We will get back to you as soon as possible through the mail. If our employees are available at the moment we will definitely try to offer some assistance through the phone call.

However to receive a complete understanding of the problem you are facing it is always advisable for you to visit us physically. Taking a look at the issue immediately clears up several doubts and we will be able to give a better analysis of the problem and this will allow us to come up with more appropriate solutions.